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Welcome to the Family! Paste Our PixelMore Options... Paste this to the bottom of your site pages and we’ll reach your customers wherever they go.COPY THIS-or-Send to My Developer Where Do I Paste, Exactly?The copied pixel goes right before the end of <body> tag in your website's HTML code or in the footer of your website’s template I Still Don't Get It Get Creative We'll make you 7 FREE personalized, individually sized ads in 3-4 days. Learn More REQUEST 7 FREE ADS-or-No Thanks, I'll Upload Ads When I Launch a Campaign How Many Ads Should I Use?Six ads is a pretty optimal number. But generally, the more ad sizes you use, the better you'll do. How to Make Great Ads Run Your Ads Let us help build a strategy to run multiple automatically optimized campaigns, or manually create a single self-managed campaign. BUILD STRATEGY Set one goal and we'll continually optimize to hit it.-or-CREATE CAMPAIGN Manually build a single campaign.
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